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Have you been A Slave To Your Technology.

Should you haven't said it then most likely sure to have heard it coming from others referring to technology programs as addictive. Yes, addicting, addictive and addictive. Affecting popular media ads, created to look trendy or awesome, there's the promotion for any incorporation of technology with all the human body like in the types of 'Google Glass, ' 'smart' watches and silicone augmentations etc . You will discover the science fiction stories after that, for example , we certainly have the Borgs in Movie star Trek. All this is to do together with the push for us to get passionate and used to accepting often the transhumanism agenda. Will we all go from being progressed spiritual beings an expression in the infinite God/Goddess/All-There-Is to independent, dehumanised cyborgs destined to help inherit the Earth in this type? The bottom line here folks is always that transhumanism technology is in the end designed to control and stop all of us from thinking for ourself: If allowed to carry on, with time, it will make us struggling to access our full real empirical knowledge and nonphysical ability.

The Robot management system.
Yet another right part of the control method is the developing robot navy. The likes of DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects) in the army, dark blue and air force which will include the surveillance, policing and militarization of we-the-people by robots...

The technological control technique.
The technology is in result turning us into laptop or computer terminals. The energy fields made from the technology such as the world wide web, 'smart' systems, implantations... will be creating a 'collective mind' that everything's connected. It's a way of hive mind information process that can be hacked and governed.

From the collection of this information delivered to a central control program it is capable sending again counterfeit reality responses consequently as part of the technology based prevailing agenda. -Wake up people you are for more advanced in comparison with this. It's in your spiritualty! The Archon control matrix is nothing more than a imagination parasite incapable of creating. Almost all it can ever do will be replicate or steal each of our creative ideas: This is how it works. In order for the technology beehive mind control system to be effective on us we have to get into agreement with it. -So the true secret here is to stop going into contract by stopping ourselves via creating the reality the remotes want of us from these technological conscious and depths of the mind implants. The choice is plantigrade to make. Do we carry on within the mind control prison produced by our own making or can we walk out and create a new paradigm experience?

Hottest And New Computer Technology News.

Users now will be navigating images gallery, giving SMS, and placing a get in touch with, all with swipe actions performed several inches at the device. Secondly it attributes pause and play power over a music player using a temporary hold gesture. Couple of portable devices feature top facing cameras currently. Various upcoming Android based units are expected to have Touch No cost Tech. Often the Touch Free solution is integrated in software rather than having a special type of camera, what should fare well on impending phones thus. Additionally are the new devices, similar to Android-based music and supplements players. Right now technology has seeped in every aspect of our lives. And to keep pace with the most recent emerging technology is becoming a growing number of important in today's scenario. When you are in the given information technology field, you have have to be aware of the modern trends in technology. To be seated in the mainstream means to maintain an optical eye about the each and every news related to technology. Whether it is Linux, Microsoft windows or solaris operating system, another problem is that it can often be a complex technology like virtualization, you have to have a clear understanding of each emerging technology. Articles with new technology and reports about latest technology might help one to make his means into the complex maze of latest computer technology. Every other day time an IT giant secretes a new patch of software program and every new fortnight a whole new software is released based on the radically new technology. The newest technology buzz like Microsoft company Lucidtouch, Sun Solaris are becoming must know technology terms.

A number of the latest technologies that are going to transform their respective field are generally

1 . Taptu: Searching for a search engine for your iPhone which is touch friendly and permits to search the web with ease? Taptu might be the answer. Taptu is a mobile web that just released the iPhone version that can be acquired from Apple App Store without cost. The newest search engine is user easy and friendly. According to Taptu blog site, they have more than 3 million websites currently in its index.
2 . Firefox Unite: Opera has designed a new technology that can convert your PC into a personal online server running inside Ie web browser. That server can often share everything from files to help music with other computers online without the need of 3rd party apps. Named Opera Unite, often the technology has just been pledges and released to make your personal computer more that just a not smart terminal.

These are just two of the many technologies coming our means at the speed of light. As a supervisor for a think tank on-line, I take about 60 technology e-mail newsletters, quite a few daily are, but most are weekly in addition to lately they've been filled with not one other than Apple's latest technology or their exploits available. Believe it or not folks there is far more to technology than Apple company. The personal tech sector is barely one of many sub-sectors of the technology category. There is military technology, space technology, alternative power technology, automotive advanced technological innovation, and there is nanotech, biotech, as well as aerospace technologies. Not long ago, I had been discussing this with an associate of mine, about the through 40, 000 Apple iPhone software, or any the new applications coming to the new iPad forth.

Effects of Technology to Natural Resources.

Have you ever pondered about the effects of technology within our environment? Technology plays a crucial role when it comes to our environment considering that a lot of technological advances which are created are very much damaging to the environment such as the pollution in which different factories are providing whenever they are making their products. Cars are also emitting so much carbon dioxide everyday which greatly plays a role in a global phenomenon what we call climate change. There are many products of technology which are very harmful to our normal resources. A lot of power plant life are generating their strengths by using fossil fuel which usually by the way is a nonrenewable form of natural resources. In other words, you can find only a limited supply of this particular and it shall run out at some point. If we do not know how to take care of these natural resources properly, there will come a time which we will no longer be able to get anything through the environment since they have already been reduced. Right now it is because of technology that people are experiencing different mishaps. Yes, these mishaps are inevitable because of the movements of the Earth's tectonic system - these are responsible for typically the earthquakes that we experience on occasion. But it is also with technology that we will be able to somehow play a role and save our environment and also manage the natural solutions that we have efficiently.

Having technology, we can effectively control our consumption of these organic resources which will significantly impact the overall use of the natural solutions themselves. There are also a lot of businesses that are being dedicated to saving our world such as different car makers wherein they develop automobiles that are eco-friendly such as mixture ones. These hybrid automobiles emit lesser pollution. Technology can also be a great tool within the dissemination of information on how i will be able to contribute more within saving our planet and its organic resources.